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Kakairu Kink Meme Part 2

A String of Kisses
2011-07-16 08:54 pm UTC(link)
I would absolutely LOVE to see the progression of kissing throughout Kakashi and Iruka's relationship.

All the way from the first chaste kiss to the cheek, to when they first shared a kiss on the lips, and so on.

I answered this prompt:)


* It is implied that Kakashi does not wear his mask in privet situations.

Besides, I think he does it just to gaslight the kidsJ

Schools are closed for ‘Golden Week’ in Japan, so I used it.




It took a while for Iruka to come around. He didn’t think Kakashi was being anything other than an ass when he had asked the chuunin out. After all, first impressions are hard to erase. But Kakashi had persisted, and wore down the teacher down when he had sincerely told him how impressed he was by Iruka standing up to him. First impressions were indeed hard to erase. So when the first ‘date’ ended ( a Wednesday picnic lunch - on Academy grounds - during school hours - reading letters from Naruto), Iruka was pleased that Kakashi turned out to be more of a gentleman than he would have given him credit for. Kakashi shook Iruka’s hand. Everything felt right.

“Next Sunday about three, would you like to join me at ‘Plum Blossom Tea House’, then perhaps a stroll through the ‘Forest of Death’?” Kakashi asked scratching the back of his head.

“Yes I would.” was Iruka’s straight forward reply, with a warm smile t’boot.



The Tea House was beautiful, the tea fragrant and plentiful. The weather perfect for a walk. At 6pm Kakashi was even thoughtful enough to walk Iruka home. Iruka was still pleased with the hug and small bow good night. Everything. Felt. Right.

Four days later, Kakashi turned in a mission report with a discrete note to Iruka asking if ‘Friday, 8 o’clock - dinner and a movie?’ would be good. Iruka handed back, just as discretely, a note saying ‘Saturday, 7 o’clock would be better‘. With a quick nod from Kakashi, plans were set.



Dinner was bar-b-que, and delicious. The movie had them laughing all night, and when midnight rolled around and they found themselves at Iruka’s front door, Kakashi embraced him in more than a hug. He held on for dear life. ‘Third date’ danced through Iruka’s head. We all know what happens on a third date. Iruka was willing. It had been a while. So when Kakashi nuzzled his neck, and he felt the pull of cloth that had to be Kakashi’s mask, he was somewhat…surprised…that all he felt was soft dry lips on his cheek. Then the withdrawal of warmth as Kakashi pulled up his mask and pulled away.

A little stupefied when Kakashi said ‘I’ve had a good time.’, all Iruka could do was mumble “Me too.” and watch as Kakashi strolled away.




Twelve days of an S-rank mission had Kakashi limping into the mission room handing in a hastily written report, but a neatly written invitation to Iruka. Asking if, in three days, time he would like come to Kakashi’s place for a home cooked meal? since it was ‘Golden Week’ and he had no plans, it worked out fine. Iruka mouthed ‘6?’ to him, and Kakashi nodded his approval back. Iruka watched Kakashi limp off, presumably to the infirmary to be checked out. Confusion marred his features. He was pleased, no more than pleased, but he just couldn’t get a grasp on their ‘relationship’. It was in limbo. Friends definitely, but maybe something more? Perhaps he had just read the situation wrong. With a sigh he put it out of his head for the next three days.

Kakashi’s apartment was sparse like many active shinobi’s. It was clean and neat and had a couple of personal touches. Iruka brought a plant (placed next to Mr. Ukki), a good bottle of Sake, and Red Bean ice-cream for dessert. Kakashi had serious cooking skills, he might even rival Iruka’s. Music flowed. Talk was easy and about everything. They even talked about the ‘Chuunin Exam’ and Sasuke. Demons they both needed to excise.

The food, wine, and talk brought them to the small hours of the morning.

Kakashi said “Stay?”.

Iruka nodded and Kakashi took his hand and led him to the bed. Pulling back the covers, he sat Iruka down and kneeled taking off his sandals. Kakashi reached up and wrapped his arms around Iruka’s chest, holding him, rubbing soft circles on his back. Then drifting up to pull his hair tie out. He played with Iruka’s hair, lightly scratched his scalp, all while enveloped in that warm hug.

Iruka was relaxed, everything felt right. Kakashi’s hands moved gently to frame Iruka’s face. They stared into each others eyes for an eternity of a moment, then Kakashi leaned in. Iruka’s heart started to pound, everything felt right. He closed his eyes and parted his lips…and got a nose rub. Huh?

Iruka opened his eyes as Kakashi stood up.

“Sweet dreams.” was what he said. Grabbing the second pillow and the extra blanket from the foot of the bed, he dropped them on the couch and proceeded to the bathroom. The water began to run.

“Huh?” was again the eloquent response Iruka made. ‘What the fuck just happened?! I am so NOT reading this wrong!’ ran through his head. Iruka stalked to the bathroom, pushed open the door and found Kakashi shirtless, freshly scrubbed with a toothbrush dangling from his mouth.

“What gives?!” Iruka demanded.

Silently Kakashi reached into a drawer and pulled out a brand new toothbrush, handing it to Iruka. Iruka stared at it, stared at Kakashi, then took the toothbrush and brushed his teeth. He went back to the bed, stripped to his boxers and went to sleep. Alone. After a bit (alright, more than a bit) of tossing, sleep came.

Iruka woke up feeling …good. Surprisingly good. He was warm and well rested. Kakashi was still asleep on the couch. Iruka looked at him and shrugged his shoulders in resignation.

“Oh well … friends it is.” he said on a soft exhale. From the slant of the sun it was almost noon, and Iruka slipped out quietly.




About 4 o’clock a knock at the door took Iruka from his grading. Flowers, a lot of flowers and Kakashi stood there.


“So witty sense!”

Oh there was a bit of the jack-ass he remembered!

“What is this? You made it abundantly clear we’re friends, nothing more. Your confusing me Kakashi, and I don’t like it.” stated Iruka evenly and he started to close the door.

“Fifth date!”


Kakashi chuckled, but wisely bit his tongue.

“I’ve only ever been on one ‘fifth date’ before. With Rin … and our relationship lasted until she died. We were really young, but it was a good relationship. And a long one.”

“Oh …” was all Iruka could think to say, a little sad for the child-like couple of long ago. Then comprehension dawned.

“Ohhhh … !” This was their ‘fifth date’, Kakashi was playing for keeps! Iruka yanked him inside, yanked off the mask and the flowers be damned.

It was a great first kiss. The best first kiss in the history of first kisses. Both rough and tender, both give and take, both reverent and pure sex. It was perfect. Iruka was grateful it hadn’t come any other way. When they finally came for air (and ninja can hold their breath for a mighty long time), Kakashi spoke.

“I’m sorry I confused you, …”

“It’s ok …”, but Kakashi put a finger on Iruka’s lips to silence him.

“… I did it because when things are truly worth wanting, they are worth learning about, and the wait.”

Iruka really liked those words.

“Agreed.” Iruka said with a smile. After all what else could he say, everything felt right.

Writer's Block: A stroll down memory lane

Check out...
Juxtapose Fantasy

This is a website with incredible original slash. Tricia Owens reigns over some of the most original and creative writing you can ever want to read. Trisha is a good girl too!

So with my heart felt recommendations , go check out the site. JF is also on lj.

I am going to post a ff that I wrote for her to give you an idea of her characters . - take the time to check it out, it won’t disappoint!

This is a modern AU from a picture prompt on the lj. Normally the characters are in medieval type of magical setting.
Soooo…here you go:


He spread his thighs a little wider.

“That’s right superstar…show us your package. Yes, yes…perfect!”

The click of the camera couldn’t be heard, but Hadrian Leyanon knew it was going like mad. Hadrian turned the angle of his head a little. His better side. The idea that he was doing this made him smirk.

“Yes, yes…keep those naughty thoughts, make everyone want you! And
remember…they want you they want your scent.”

Hadrian wanted to laugh, but he kept the smirk instead. It was all about money. The current campaign was for a men’s fragrance named ‘Scourge ’.
They cut his hair to make him edgier, more dangerous. So his long, thick, black hair had been styled to fall artfully around his face. The effect was startling. It was still longish, but he no longer had that angelic look about him.
Oh no … now he was pure sex. What a joke to his true nature, but right now sex was good considering he was reclining on a surf board at the beach, in the winter, with nothing but a leather jacket, Doc Marten’s, and a peach thong!

The last eight months had been a whirlwind of events. Out one night clubbing with his friends Gam and Lio, trying to drink his ex-boyfriend out of his thoughts, when Hadrian was goaded by his two companions to enter a modeling contest at one of the venues and to his shock…he won.

So here he was, half naked surrounded by people, lights and heaters to keep him warm enough so that he didn’t have goose bumps and his balls didn’t shrivel, but cool enough for hard nipples. Unconsciously he brushed his thumb against one. His ‘package’ gave a little notice.

“Hades! Do that again!”

Hadrian was sorry that in his inebriated state he had written his ex-lover’s pet-name for him down in the ‘professional name’ section of the contest application. It was a stupid drunken joke he was paying for because now the entire fashion industry knew him as ‘Hades’. It was on the lips of squealing school girls to industry professionals instead of in his memories being moaned in his ear accompanying an orgasm. Shaking his thoughts to the present he heard the photographer shout.

“ Light’s failing, we’re out of here!”

In the flurry of activity that followed the statement someone threw a blanket on him as trudged in the direction of his trailer.

“Hades! Go to the hotel, penthouse three, the man writing the check for this campaign wants to meet you, and stay as you are, he also said he wants to make sure the ‘look’ is right for the product.”

Hadrian just stared at the photographer.

“Just go…a lot is riding on this gig.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake…” Hadrian mumbled as he turned left away from his trailer to the hotel and penthouse that awaited. ‘You’d think I’d be used to this shit by now’ he thought. Security was waiting to escort him to the privet elevators .

Modeling and the Fashion industry were in general bizarre on a good day. High tension, competition, jealousy, and egos burned you out quickly. If you didn’t have a thick skin, because every flaw was magnified and exposed, believed in yourself and what you did…well, it wasn’t too pretty. Showing himself to investors wasn’t new. To his surprise they were usually professional to the point of being clinical. Sure he was sexually harassed, by men and women alike, but he didn’t have to be in this industry for that to happen.

So into the elevator, without much trepidation, went Hadrian. The doors opened to penthouse three with a whisper. ‘Hollows’ is the type of hotel were if you have to ask, you can’t afford. Fine and beautiful, it was luxury at it’s best. Hadrian stepped into the foyer and was greeted immediately by a butler. This was a service provided by the hotel for the penthouse guests. A distinguished man in his fifties to guess, smiled warmly at him as if semi-naked men in blankets were the norm.

“Mr. Leyanon, the young Master will be with you momentarily. He has instructed me to show you to the ‘West’ room. This way please.”

Hadrian tugged self-consciously at the blanket around him, peevishly wondered if there were north, south, and east rooms. Following through a double door he entered an elegant room with a glass wall facing the sun setting over the ocean. A breathtaking view. And one were he could see his shot location. With a frown he wondered if he had been watched.

“I am Smith. Would you care for something?”
“No thank you.”
“Well should you want for anything, just ask.” And with a graceful nod, Smith the butler was gone.

Hadrian turned back to the window to watch the last of the equipment being packed on the beach. Again he wondered if he had at some point during the shoot had been watched from this window when the hair on the back of his neck went up.

“Were you watching me Mister Boss Man?”
“As a matter of fact Hades, I was.”

Hades looked at the reflection of Caled Agthon, the only man he had loved. Until the prick cheated on him. Hades was barely 20 when he had been swept off his feet by the young handsome C.E.O of the Rhiad Corporation. He had given his heart and body to someone for the first time in his life and for a year he lived a dream. Only to find out that ‘business trip’ was code for fucking someone else. So hurt and angry, he fantasized about burning Rhiad to the ground.

“Since when have you been in the perfume business, I thought Rhiad Corp. only dealt with weapons and defense?” Hades didn’t turn around to ask.

Caled studied the back of the blanketed figure for a few moments before answering. Hades had matured in the last year, stronger, broader, more… delicious.

“Six months ago I acquired a perfumer in the south of France. It’s like chemistry. You know how much I like chemistry.” Hades rolled his eyes at the innuendo. “ Also I had seen the cover of a fashion rag and when a pair of particular silver eyes stared back at me, I thought fashion might be an industry I should be a part of.”

“Well good for you, I’ve got to go.” Hades turned without looking at Caled and headed for the door.
“Hades won’t you talk with me?” the soft pleading in Caled’s voice brought him up short. Still facing the door he sighed.
“We have nothing to say.” and he took another step.
“You’ve become … tougher. I like this new you.”
“Yeah…well write my agent and ask for a picture, it will last longer!” Hades bit out angrily. He made a half step when a hand shot out and ripped the blanket from his back. For a second he froze, then in a fury he whirled around to face Caled and the intensity of those blue eyes. As he did an arc of silver chain flew from his chest.
“Well, well…still like the thumb-cuffs I gave you.” Caled drawled as he watched the little silver cuffs settled back down. “Do you wear them as a reminder?” He took a step closer to Hades who was slightly red of cheek. “Do you put them on, touch yourself thinking of how I used them on you, of everything I taught you?” He purred as he took a couple of more steps.
Hades cheeks burned redder.
It was precisely why he wore them still. When he had arrived at the shoot that morning the photographer had seen them and went ballistic over the chain, crowing that it was perfect for the look and to keep them on. Damn it he had forgotten all about them! A little tug on his nipple ring snapped him back to reality. When had Caled gotten so close!
“This is new.” He gave another tug and Hades breathing changed. “I like this.”
He gave it a twist and Hades moaned and slapped his hand away.
“Don’t.” It was breathy and he felt his cock twitching to life. Not good. “I have to go.”
Once again he turned to leave. Caled grabbed him, wrapping his arms around him like a vice. He just held him and Caled’s heart gave a cry of joy.
Slowly Hades gave into it too. His body relaxed for the first time in over a year. But still, his heart felt tight.
“Why are you doing this?”
“Because this belongs to me!” He spun with Hades around to see their reflection in the window. Caled’s breath ghosted his ear. “This…” he ran his hands down Hades chest, scraping a nipple along the way making it peak. “belongs to me.” His voice barely above a whisper as he sank his teeth into Hades’ neck.
“And this…” he slipped his hand into the scrap of peach fabric that scarcely contained his cock. “mine.” He coaxed it out of the cloth and into full hardness. Languidly stroking, then running his thumb over the head smearing the wetness around.
Hades moaned. His body betraying him as Caled had. He gathered his inner strength.
“None of me is your, not any more.” he said quietly.
Caled gave him a hard squeeze, then let go and stilled.
Softly he spoke into Hades hair.
“I was dead without you, ... worthless. Never again will I forget what I have. Never. I will never betray you again. Never. I love you. More than life itself. I love you. Please Hades…I’ve done nothing for a half a year, but work to bring you home. Please…, please come home?”
Niether moved for an eternity.
Hades finally turned and faced him looking into those blue eyes. Into the pain and sincerity there. His heart loosened a little.
“Heaven help me, but yes.”

He kissed him long and deep with a passion that had never left, but lay hidden beneath pain that he believed would some day be wholly gone. He felt Caled fidget, not really paying attention, but lost in the sensation of the kiss and his arms around the one he still loved after so long. Caled reached behind his own neck and brought Hades hands between them. Hades was still staring up into Caled’s eyes when he heard little clicks. Quickly looking down, his silver eyes grew to saucers when he saw the thumb-cuffs binding his hands.

“How did…” but he was cut off.
“Now love…” Caled leered “…time for the real homecoming.”

(Many, many hours later …, Hades had Caled put the thong on and was delighted to photograph him!)

**Characters in this story belong to Trisha Owen and Juxtapose Fantasy.

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May tomorrow bring an amazing beginning...
Happy New Year 2011!

Christmas night

To all out in this world with family and friends, who are alone or far away from those you wish to be with, I wish you a very Merry Christmas. I wish you the hope to change your stars or the hope to keep moving forward. This world is still a miracle:)


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makes me want to head south for some real Holiday spirit...
ho the warm and fuzzies:)

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did you know they based Katie on me?

my obvious procrastination...

needless to say I have had a journal for three years now? and nothing said...

I am a sad sad individual.
time for a reinvention...
a slow one:)


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